Welcome to Extreme Restaurant & Catering in Calgary


We have decided to close our doors for good on April 30, 2020.


It is with a very heavy heart that we announce that effective April 30, 2020, Extreme Restaurant will be closing its doors for good. It is very sad and trying time for everyone and as hard as we have tried we just can't do it anymore and we would like to see what life will hold for us in the future.


It has been our honor and privilege to have met and served so many great people in the past 17 years and we will take away many warm memories of each and every one of you.


We have secured another catering company to take over the catering end of the business. His name is Shane Wolbaum and his contact information is cateringalacarte@outlook.com or



However we have to get through April still, so we have prepared some frozen meals for you to pick up (or we can deliver) to enjoy when you need an Extreme fix. Our Take and Bake menu is listed and if you need any other information please give us a call. Our hours of operation for the pickup is


Tuesday to Saturday


9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.


for pick up of our Take and Bake items only


Dinning Room is closed

Dining Room is closed


Take and Bake Meals


5” Turkey Pot Pies                                $6.00 Each


5” Beef Pot Pies                                    $6.00 Each


5” Shepherd’s Pot Pie                           $6.00 Each


5” Chicken Pot Pies                               $6.00 Each


400 ml Cottage Pies                             $7.00 Each


400 ml Chicken Stew                            $7.00 Each


400 ml Beef Stew                                 $7.00 Each


400 ml Turkey Stew                              $7.00 Each


400 ml Chili Con Carne                        $7.00 Each


Garlic Loaf of Bread                             $1.00 Each


400 ml Soup (Frozen)                            $3.50 Each


900 ml Soup (Frozen)                            $7.00 Each


Apple Rhubarb Crisp                    (4)   $10.00 Each

Frozen Dinners for two

Beef Lasagna $12.00

Beef Stew $14.00

Chicken Stew/Dumplings $14.00

Turkey Stew/Dumplings $14.00

Cottage Pie $14.00

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